Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams,

Victoria Incorporated.


Hello and welcome to the information section of our website!


CREST Victoria Incorporated (the Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams, Victoria Incorporated) members undertake a variety of different activities during their training and continuing on after they have passed their training phase.


We attend the following yearly activities:

  1. Australia Day Celebratory activities put on by the Lion’s Corio Bay branch, where there are amusements, free rides, music car displays, band displays, animal display etc, set up and open for free to members of the public and children at the Rippleside Park area of Geelong. (Melways 442. A. 10).

We utilise our members with hand held radios and our large Communications Unit for the safety of persons walking around and attending this function.

  1. We attend the Geelong Hot Rod Club Car Show weekend at Queenscliff, on the Bellarine Peninsula east of Geelong, normally around the first weekend in February each year. On the Saturday, we supply monitors with hand held radios for the safe passage of persons on foot and those driving their vintage and restored vehicles on an approved and permitted route. This route is normally along Gellibrand Street (entry with a permit on your windscreen) to Hesse Street, left into Hesse Street and north to just prior to Symonds Street where vehicles are turned around and commence the lap again.

On the Sunday, we again supply our members and hand held radios in conjunction with our large Communications Vehicle, to park over 3,500 vehicles which are to be judged throughout the day, at Princess Park, Queenscliff.

As a result of working with the Geelong Hot Rod Show Group for two days they are kind enough to make a donation to our organisation. This donation is greatly appreciated.

  1. We are available to utilise our hand-held radios with members on traffic points to assist at any fun run, official event, fun family event, school fete, etc, for the fast but professional passing of messages between points where needed for the safety of competitors. Again, a small donation towards our services is appreciated where available.
  1. Finally, from our homes we not only listen to our radios for messages coming into us where the Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, SES or Utilities are required to attend scenes, but we are also now responsible for assisting the Country Fire Authority and MFB with the broadcasts for Evacuations on Total Fire Ban Days, Extreme Heat Days and any other day that it may be required.
  1. We are even able to help you with a choice of radios and antennas if you are heading away on holidays and wish to know which is the best radio for where you are going, an approximate price, the best aerial to use with the radio and again an approximate price, as well as the best place to mount your radio and antenna within your vehicle.

We trust that at some time in the future when you feel the need you may wish to be assisted by our organisation and so we can we urge you to ring our “24/7 phone number listed in this article.

If you would like to join our organisation as a monitor simple fill in the 9 AF – (Application Form) and send it in to us and we will be in contact with you.

******** Please be safe on our roads and take care when travelling, but most of all please, unless you have an emergency or an urgent matter to be attended to, don’t use Channel 5 or 35 on UHF or Channel 9 on a HF Radio. These are allocated Emergency Channels by the Australian Federal Government and severe penalties are issued for mis use of these channels.


We hope you have a great day and remember:

“CREST Victoria Incorporated assisting the communities of Victoria through the use of two way radios.”