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Written by David Wynn at Saturday 24 January 2015, 23:57   Email IP Address Location 
I'm glad to see that CREST is continuing on since the early days of the 1970-80s. I met a lot of nice people and enjoyed being on the National Committee as National Secretary under Bill Payne. Keep up the good work.
Written by Ray Keuning at Thursday 6 March 2014, 07:08   Email IP Address Location 
Greetings from CREST Queensland to all our Victorian comrades. Hope to meet some of you during the year. QLDCREST3
Written by Doug at Thursday 22 December 2011, 05:29   Email IP Address Location 
Heard CREST monitoring Tuesday this week, it bought back many memories from years ago. I started and ran WESTERNPORT CREST in the late 70's based in Tyabb. Keep up the great work CREST.
Written by Thai Used Car at Friday 7 October 2011, 22:34   Email IP Address Location 
Thank you for everything in this site.
Written by Bernie Goodwin at Wednesday 24 August 2011, 07:22   Email IP Address Location 
the site looks good and its a pitty that we r not still in crest we would love to be members.
Written by Jeff Smith at Saturday 13 August 2011, 05:30   Email IP Address Location 
Can one of the execuive or similar from Sequest contact me at some stage vbia this email address above.
Written by SEQUEST at Thursday 23 June 2011, 23:13   Email IP Address Location 
Congratulations to CREST for 35 years may many years to come
team at SEQUEST Emergeny Communications
Written by Greg Code at Thursday 1 July 2010, 03:27   Email IP Address Location 
Congratulations on a job well done Dave. Website looks great.
Written by Glenn Lancaster at Friday 25 June 2010, 10:31   Email IP Address Location 
Great Website, Well Done...

Keep up the great work C.R.E.S.T
Written by Nik VK3BA at Friday 30 April 2010, 08:12   Email IP Address Location 
Great website Dave! Looks like we'll have to utilise your skills for another website or two :-) Well done to all involved with CREST. It's great to know you guys are around and available to help if possible. Cheers!
Written by Paul Govier at Thursday 15 April 2010, 02:29   Email IP Address Location 
Great Website, plenty of potential, certainly improving over time
Written by JohnR at Saturday 10 April 2010, 05:48   Email IP Address Location 
Well done good job ,, keep up the great work
Written by Jeff Smith at Saturday 3 April 2010, 20:16   Email IP Address Location 
Dave, a marvellous job on our Website. This Oganisation is indebted to you for ever. You can be proud of the job you have done. Thank you!

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